UFO sighting in Turkey puts locals on alert

A UFO has been spotted flying over the skies of Turkey.

Witnesses said that the object was seen from around 8:00 am to 11:00 am before it disappeared after moving around 40 kilometers north.

A number of witnesses informed the gendarmerie (Turkish military) about the UFO however it’s reported that the gendarmerie did not prepare a report after interviewing the locals.

Locals started to call and inform their relatives in the neighbourhood and urged them to looked up at the sky and see the object

One witness Mehmet Gumus said that the object was around the size of a minibus.

He said “I had the opportunity to inspect the object with my brother’s binoculars. It had a shape similar to a balloon. When I zoomed in, I saw colorful particles. However, we could not clearly identify what the object was”

People using social media took pictures of the UFO and posted their photo’s of the object.  Suggestions range from an unmanned craft to a balloon, while some do say it was a genuine UFO.


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