Area 51 Revelation : Ex-Soldier Reveals Experiments Involving Mass Alien Abduction

Area 51 is possibly the most secretive and heavily guarded place on earth. And that is most likely the reason why it remains one of the most fascinating premises in popular culture. Area 51 has long been the subject of widespread speculations and conspiracy theories involving extraterrestrial beings and UFOs. And to fuel all the conspiracy theories revolving around the United States Air Force facility, whistle blowers claiming to have worked in the base and having witnessed UFOs and extraterrestrials have occasionally come forward with various revelations. The latest revelation comes from an ex-soldier, who claims to have a lifelong contact with aliens.Area 51 Aliens UFOs

Bill Brooks, the latest whistle blower on Area 51, joined the United States Army in 1968. He claims that he was subjected to an alien abduction while serving at the nuclear weapons base at Sennelager, Germany, as reported by Daily Star. He further believes that he had been in contact with extra-terrestrials since he was a boy, but says that experiments done on him at Area 51 erased most of his memories.

Brooks says that his memories of the incidents involving him and the aliens were all somehow erased and he had completely forgotten about them until he was 44 years old. This was when he experienced a sort of a “memory download”. According to Bill, who became a professional musician after finishing his military career, all the memories of his experience with aliens had been erased by agents from Area 51. But the memories came back when he encountered an UFO on his way back home after a gig, when he sort of experienced a “Total Recall.”

According to Bill, he had been told that the Sennelager base in Germany was shared with a detachment of American agents who were from Area 51, the top secret military base in Nevada. The ex-soldier claims to have witnessed a mass abduction, as soldiers in the base were directed to walked into a bright light. He says that one of the Area 51 agents had him at gunpoint while ordering him to “walk towards the light” to which he had to involuntarily oblige. Brooks described the agent as :

“He was man dressed in black, with chiseled blonde hair, who probably was American, wearing a little blue patch on his right sleeve”.

He says he can’t remember what happened next, as he lost consciousness as soon as he entered the light. Later on he remembers being forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which prevented him from disclosing any information about the incident. Brooks believes he was tricked into signing up for the experiment after he was told that an incident from earlier which had put him into trouble would “all go away” and that he would receive an extra two weeks of leave should he sign up.

This, however, was not Brooks first encounter with aliens. When he was 10 years old, while lying in his corn field, he was approached by a family of four tall, blonde, humanoid aliens — commonly called as Nordics by alien experts. Brooks says that the Nordics took him for a ride in their ship, told him that mankind was in trouble, and asked him if he wanted to help.

Area 51 Aliens

Another incident involving Brooks and aliens was when he was working as a trucker after leaving the army. He says that he saw a cow being levitated by the tractor beam of a UFO. When the aliens saw him, they pulled him up too, did experiments on him, and released him after erasing his memory.

Despite meeting aliens so many times, he is still not sure about the nature of relation between aliens and world governments. Yet, he thinks that those in the know are frightened of what they can do.

“I haven’t got the foggiest idea in reality, but why the secrecy? I only know what has happened to me, and I do feel I’ve been used, and that makes me angry.”

Bill does have a point as the Government has been extremely secretive about the matter. For instance the existence of Area 51 was only acknowledged by the CIA in 2013, revealing that it was a military base primarily used for the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems.

Brooks has prepared a manuscript recounting his experience with the extra-terrestrial and the Area 51 agents, titled 44: Based on an Ex-Soldier’s True Story of Life-Long Encounters Involving Alien Abduction, which is now available.
Source: Inquisitr


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