Torquay Museum. Pictures licensed for any use. PHOTOGRAPHY JAMES MILLAR.

Ghost is photographed at Torquay Museum

Paranormal experts investigating the Egyptian room at Torquay Museum believe they have photographed a ghost of a veiled woman.

Five members of Silent Voices paranormal team stayed in the museum overnight along with 25 other people who were taking part in a public ghost hunt when they took this photo.


Sally Mason, a member of Silent Voices said: “What we found at Torquay Museum was absolutely mind-blowing.

“It has got be the best evidence we have ever captured in the whole of the UK.

“The photograph has not been altered at all, if you look closely there is so much detail, you can see her clothes, her buttons, her facial expression – she is looking right at the camera.

“Our photograph may be the same woman who has been photographed at the museum before.”

The team also witnessed loud bangs, cameras moving by themselves and lights turning on and off.

Sally added: “We were taking a short break and I asked one of our team members, Ryan Doyle to go round and take photographs with the all-spectrum camera. He was looking through the photographs the next day, when he came to me and said ‘look what we’ve got’.”

“The Egyptian Room was also where we had set up a static CCTV camera to capture activity when we weren’t there. In the recording, you can see the camera moving on it’s own,” Sally added.

“We also got intelligent responses in this room using sensor lights. The lights do not react to people at all, I was using them over the mummy case, and asking yes and no questions and the lights were reacting in response, turning on and off – we managed to get it all on film.

“We also used a piece of equipment called a K2 meter, which has different coloured lights. We were asking questions such as, if you are male move the light to red, and we were getting responses with it.

“We have been to the museum two or three times before and this was the best night. We travel all over the UK conducting paranormal nights, and this has to be the best evidence we have ever captured. I’m absolutely gob-smacked.

“We feel like we have a really amazing photograph, we would like to send it to a specialist to see what they think, and maybe compare it with the photograph of the woman that was taken at the museum before.”

Last May at the museum a picture was taken apparently showing a ghostly woman appearing from the floorboards in the Egyptian room (you can see the photo below),  and just last October fingerprints were said to have appeared inside of a mummy case which is on display in the same room.

Ghost appearing from floorboards taken last May

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