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Most haunted house in Ireland?….. Nice try!!

So earlier today while browsing Facebook I spotted a video which someone had shared. The video was entitled ‘Most haunted house in ireland’.

The video is filmed on a phone and shows very strong poltergeist activity in a kitchen of a house, which I guess is located somewhere in Ireland.

I delved a little deeper to see who had originally posted the video and found it was posted today on a Facebook page of someone called Ashy Murphy from Blackrock, Cork, in Ireland. She also happens to be the creator of the video.

The status Ashy Murphy posted said: “Its getting worse i defo have to move house”  followed by her video.

This is the video

Now upon first watch you might think wow scary, or you might instantly shout FAKE!!

Ashy Murphy had also posted another video days earlier which in her status she said “Ye think he have problems I’m down in the middle of no where with this happening to me wtf”

This is the video

If you shouted FAKE to both videos then you would be right!

They are both a load of tosh and if people can’t see how fake they are then they need their eyes examined.

There are some comments on YouTube which think its real…Seriously!   But there are also a lot more who have spotted how fake these video’s are, the second one in particular.

Although looking at Ashy’s friends comments on her Facebook page it looks like she has convinced them.

First off the window is slightly ajar where fishing line or very fine wire can easily be fed through and someone can easily be outside tugging on the wire.

When the cupboard door slams open, on the window sill there is a bottle of something that looks like washing up liquid which wobbles as if something had snagged on it.

And then there is the fact that a wire can be seen around the 1:34 minute mark as they close the cupboard door.  Shown here, I took a screen shot and circled the wire.


Not only is this wire a big giveaway, look at the way the light is swinging around the 1:25 minute mark, the power cord from the ceiling bends and is blatantly being tugged towards the window.


Then of cause you see someone at the door near the end of the video. Even the dog lying on the couch looks at the door, and would the dog be happily snoozing on that couch if all this poltergeist activity was actually going on.  Also whats with loud music in both videos!

Anyway it seems either Ashy Murphy is after some attention, looking to move house or maybe she is up to some scam but she needs to try harder.

The YouTube videos are getting quite a lot of views, well into the tens of thousands and also thousands of shares on facebook when I last looked, and I’m sure some newspaper might pick it up and post it on their site or on their own Facebook page, so I thought I would post this to show people its all crap, but you all probably instantly thought that anyway.

Definitely no ghosts to be seen here.  We need to out the fakers and find real paranormal activity.

I’ll not link the Facebook page on this post, though I doubt it will be very hard to find Ashy’s page if you feel the need to look.

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