Ghost house appears in a nature photo

This looks just like a normal picturesque photo of a house on a foggy day, except that house you see does not exist!

The photo was taken by photographer Kenneth Ried.  He was taking photo’s of the fog in South Kolan, Queensland, Australia, when he decided to take a few more photos near the river.

Kenneth said: “It wasn’t until we got home that we looked through the photos,” Mr Reid said.

“It was really foggy that morning.”

Mr Reid, who lives at South Kolan, said he wasn’t sure whether the image depicted a trick of shade and shadow or something a little more otherworldly.

“There was actually a house down there some time that was bulldozed,”

PHANTOM HOUSE: Photo: contributed Ken Reid

From a distance it does look a bit like a house or a cottage but zoomed in, well I’m leaning towards a trick of light!

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