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Paul, owner of Paranormal Globe. I have always found the paranormal interesting and fascinating. I am sharing and writing about all things paranormal. Read more in the about page.

Who They Are: And What They’re Up to Review

Who They Are and What They’re up to is a book written by authors Leslie and Stephen Shaw who are lifelong armchair Ufologists. Utilising decades of research, Leslie and Stephen have wrote a fact driven account of UFO’s and attempt to answer some of the most important questions that surround …

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A New BBC Documentary – The Girl, The Ghost and The Gravestone

The BBC has released a trailer for a brand new document series called Paranormal: The Girl, The Ghost and The Gravestone which will be shown on BBC Three, BBC One and BBC Wales Radio 1 presenter Sian Eleri investigates a seemingly ordinary farmhouse in north Wales which, in the late …

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10 Most Famous Cryptids Around the World

In the world of folklore and urban legends, cryptids hold a unique place. These mysterious creatures, often elusive and unverified by scientific evidence, have captured the imaginations of people for generations. From the icy mountains to dense jungles, and murky lakes to vast deserts, tales of cryptids have persisted across …

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Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted Season 3

Discovery+ has confirmed that Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted is returning for season 3. Jayne Harris, Barri Ghai, and Ian Lawman just recently posted a teaser video on Discovery+ social sites confirming that they are returning for a new season. There is no news as yet of the date …

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A Life With Ghosts by Steve Gonsalves

Globally renown paranormal investigator Steve Gonsalves is the beloved star of the smash hit TV series Ghost Hunters, as well as Ghost Hunters Academy, the Travel Channel’s ratings king, Ghost Nation, and the new Travel Channel and Discovery+ version of the show that started it all: Ghost Hunters (16 seasons over …

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10 most famous UFO incidents from around the world

From intriguing eyewitness accounts to unexplained phenomena, UFO incidents have always sparked curiosity, debate, and speculation. As today is ‘World UFO Day‘ I thought I would write a top 10 of the most famous UFO incidents from around the world. Roswell Incident (1947) The Roswell Incident remains the most famous …

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Man hears woman screaming for help but there is no one there

Just a short post for this one. This video was posted on TikTok by _almicdaniel. While returning from a fishing trip he heard a woman screaming for help inside a restroom building but when he went to investigate there was no one to be seen. Screams of “please help me” …

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The Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui

In the heart of the Scottish Highlands, where mist-laden mountains cast their imposing shadows, lies the enigmatic Ben Macdhui, the second-highest peak in the Cairngorms. Amidst its rugged beauty, it holds a chilling legend that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, …the tale of the Big Grey Man! Deeply entrenched …

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