Live ghost hunting streams to watch on Halloween

Happy Halloween!

If you are looking to follow ghost hunters that are steaming live this Halloween night, or just want to sit back, relax and watch some spooky video streams to keep you in the Halloween spirit. On this page I will be sharing those live streams for you all to watch. Some will be live, some will be pre-recorded.

More will be added throughout the day, so check back to see what’s new, some may only appear as they go live.

If you are streaming live this Halloween and would like to share video stream on here, please get in touch with your link and it will be added.

Haunted Scouse at 30 East Drive

Chris Cummings and Adam Billing, a paranormal team from Liverpool and The Wirral have a Halloween special from the infamous 30 East Drive. This was recorded earlier but is going live on Halloween.

Most Haunted – Witchcraft, Poltergeist and Restless Spirits

As tradition Most Haunted have a Halloween special. This year they take on their biggest investigation to date. This is also pre-recorded with part 2 release on November 1st.

The Haunted Side –  Demon, Skinwalker, Poltergeist & Ghosts.

Travel Channel – The Creepiest case from this season of The Dead Files

Revisit the most unnerving cases retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and trained psychic medium Cindy Kaza faced this season. From sinister forces terrorizing children to murderous spirits determined to plague the living, these bone-chilling cases are sure to leave you shocked.

Paranormal Encounters – Halloween special marathon

Connor and India, a couple fascinated by the paranormal, explore some of the most haunted places in America.

Haunted Happenings

Sunday Night Ghost Stories

Live tonight at the slightly earlier time of 19:30 hrs (GMT) for a bumper Halloween show!

Ted Coningsby – Live Halloween Special

Halloween live stream with various spooky stories from around the country, including LOST AIRFIELDS episodes 1 and 2, a cursed Harrier and F-35As at night.


Dead Air – A night alone in Norway’s haunted fortress of fear

Fredriksten was built overlooking Halden, and is widely regarded as being the important factor in keeping Norway on maps today.

Awakening the Paranormal & Explorers

Live ghost hunt from a very spooky secret location

Alan Robson Night Owls



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