Bigfoot spotted on a Colorado mountain

Bigfoot has been spotted and filmed walking through shrubs on a Colorado mountain by train passengers.

During the Narrow Gauge train ride from Durango to Silverton last Sunday, a passenger looking to spot elk was surprised to spot the bipedal hairy creature.

Shannon Parker from Cheyenne, Wyoming was with her husband Stetson Tyler when Tyler said, ‘I think I saw Bigfoot’. Another passenger then pulled out his phone to start recording what they were seeing.

The video shows the bigfoot walking around before sitting down and camouflaging in with the brown shrubs and background, almost disappearing .

A passenger says “He still moving?” Another passenger says “He can stand up”

The video then loses sight of the bigfoot as the train continues on its journey.

Shannon told Newsweek “‘When we spoke to the conductor on the train he told us he hasn’t ever seen anything like it before and he himself has experienced unexplainable things while snowshoeing in those mountains”

The video has been shared and re-posted all over social media platforms with mixed reviews. Some believe its actual evidence of Bigfoot while others think its a hoax, just someone in a costume.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch as it is also know as has always been an elusive creature and is still unknown whether actually exist or just folklore.  It has become popular lately with numerous tv shows such as Expedition Bigfoot which is currently airing on Discovery Channel and Discovery+

Bigfoot has been sighted a lot around America and Canada. Here is a location map

What do you think? Is that video of a real bigfoot?


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