A ghost child is capture on CCTV footage in a closed pub in Manchester, UK

The Church Inn, nestled in the heart of Swinton, Greater Manchester, UK, is steeped in a history of ghostly activity. Built in the early 1600’s, the pub has seen its fair share of eerie happenings, including a ghostly attack in the 1980’s that left two men injured.

But for husband and wife Michael and Steph Savage, the pub’s otherworldly presence is a daily occurrence. They claim glasses smash inexplicably, and they often hear phantom voices calling out to them. Even their young son has complained of a strange presence keeping him up at night.

It was a normal Wednesday night when Michael and Steph had finished closing up the pub. They had made their to bed when they heard a series of strange noises coming from downstairs. Laughter, banging, and the sound of footsteps echoed through the empty building.

Being curious they checked the pub’s CCTV footage.

The cameras revealed an empty, dark pub, with only the occasional passing car casting light into the space. But in the top right corner of the footage, something caught their eye.

A vague shape appeared to be drifting back and forth near a table, seemingly pacing nonchalantly. Muffled noises could also be heard emitting from the footage, although it was impossible to make out what they were.

Steph took to social media to share the unnerving footage, writing: “11:23pm last night.

“Nobody in the pub, all doors shut and we were in bed, heard a noise and sounded like people talking, so checked the cameras.

“Everyone knows my pub is haunted but what the hell is that moving around near the table?”

The post received hundreds of likes and comments as viewers were left spooked by what they saw, with some even claiming the outline resembled a child.

On commenter said ““WTAF, looks like a child.”

The couple were unnerved by what they saw. It was not the first time they had experienced such activity, but the footage was undeniable proof of the pub’s ghostly presence.

They had brought in a paranormal team in 2020, who had confirmed the heavy presence of spirits, including a man, a woman, and three children.

As they reviewed the footage, the couple could feel a chill creeping up their spines. They were not alone in the pub, and it was not the first time.

The pub’s ghostly inhabitants have been given a new lease of life, and the Savage family know that they will be haunted by them forevermore.

Source: Deadline News Agency. Click on the link to read the original news source.

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