CCTV captures the ghost of deceased tenant

A couple reckon they’ve managed to capture footage of a ghost roaming about their house at night – check it out:

Joey and Amy Radke say they were previously warned that their home was haunted by ‘demonic entities’ before they moved in a couple of years ago, but didn’t pay any notice to them as they always felt comfortable there – until now.

Footage caught on a camera the couple set up to keep an eye on their pets appears to show a figure moving around in the hallway.

While taking a closer look at the footage, Joey and his partner are convinced it shows a figure wearing a nightie with ‘bouffant hair’.

After seeing the video, Joey decided to do some digging – examining more footage and asking their neighbours about the property’s history.

Following his investigations, Joey reckons the figure is likely to be that of an elderly lady who died in the house years before – and was carried out the house wearing a nightie. Cue the spooky music.

The sales worker is convinced that the footage is ‘proof of the afterlife’ and believes the clip is the ‘holy grail of ghost videos’ as he says it ‘can’t be faked’.

Joey, from Shakopee, Minnesota, said: “The video is like something from Paranormal Activity. When I saw it, I just thought ‘oh my God’. I was creeped out.

“We took it to my brother in law’s house to get it up on the TV and we could make out a woman with bouffant hair, like a beehive.

“We just gasped. It freaks my wife out. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

“A woman died in our bedroom many years ago. The neighbours say she was taken out by paramedics in her nightgown and in the video, you can see the figure is wearing a nightie.

“The person we’re renting from said they thought they felt a presence and the previous renter said they saw demonic entities, shadows and something watching her while she was sleeping.

“I’m starting to notice things now because I’m more aware.

“After the video, I have the feeling that I’m being watched. I’ll be sat watching TV in the living room and the hallway is on my right and I can see something out of the corner of my eye but there’s nothing there.

“It’s real, there’s no two ways about it. You can’t fake that. It proves that there is an afterlife. This video is the holy grail of ghost videos.”

The clip was filmed at around 10.40pm and shows a weird shape moving around in the hallway, while the couple’s cats take cover under the table.

Joey said: “This is the first time I’ve seen anything. We see it going from right to left. That room is my wife’s office and it’s always cold.

“I was in there a couple of days ago and I could see my own breath but we have a furnace in the house and thick plastic on the windows and you can feel the temperature difference when you go out into the hallway.

“I definitely know my cats saw it because one goes under the glass coffee table and peeks out down the hallway looking directly at the figure.

“The figure is definitely levitating because it’s taller than me. About 20 seconds after it disappeared, I come out to go to the rest room and walk right through where she was standing.

“I think it’s cool because I’m more curious. I want to see it again so I can ask questions.”

Source: Ladbible

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