Irish ghost hunters snap photo of a ghost at a haunted house in Co Carlow – Ireland

Irish people have been left baffled after ghosthunters spotted a mysterious figure at a Georgian house built almost 300 years ago.

Paranormal Supernatural Investigation Ireland took a visit to Ducketts Grove, Co Carlow on Tuesday to examine the eerie building.

And the group said they have recieved a “phenomenal response” from the public after snapping a picture of what appears to be a person lurking in the window of the house.

The paranormal fanatics believe the image is a spirit of a male.

The investigators believe the house is a supernatural hotspot – previously capturing some haunting images and disembodied voices at the site.

Duckett’s Grove is a former great house, originally built in 1745 for the Duckett family.

According to PSI Ireland, it is said that William Duckett was having an affair with a young, local woman. One day, when riding across the estate together, she fell from her horse and was killed.

In her grief, the woman’s mother placed a Piseóg upon the Duckett family and their property. This was a curse intended to bring misfortune and eventual ruin.

The group said they were “astonished” when a member of the public, who joined them on their visit, snapped the picture of the ghostly figure.

Describing the night, group member Richard Morrison said: “We travelled here to carry out a Paranormal Investigation with 12 members of the public. We were given permission by Carlow County Council.

“On the night we revealed our new device (Phasmatron-GD-2000) which was custom built for us by a Physics Engineer. This device played a major part in the investigation.

“The Phasmatron-GD-2000, measures electromagnetic energy, and if there is a sudden spike in levels it will activate a light and alarm. This device is completely new to the Paranormal Field.”

Richard told how the chilling picture left the group absolutely “flabbergasted” when they seen it only seconds after it was taken.

He said: “Whilst we were walking around the side of Ducketts Grove, the Phasmatron-GD-2000 which had been pointed at the building had activated.

“This then had narrowed down the area for us to focus our equipment on. The picture attached was taken by the member of public who joined us on the night.

“We were all flabbergasted when we reviewed the picture after she had taken it.

“On Friday we posted the image up on our Facebook page, Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland. It has received a phenomenal response from people.”

People took to the Facebook comments to tell how they felt the energy of the spirit radiating out from within the photo.

One said: “That is one clear photo!”

Another added: “Oh that gave me the shivers.”

A third said: “Brilliant picture.”

Source: Irish Sun

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