Panthera Britannia documentary review

We have all heard about big cats that roam the British countryside. Black panthers, leopards, pumas and other species of large felines have all been spotted prowling over fields and through trees for many years but are they actually big exotic cats or could they be hybrid species or alien cats?

Panthera Britannia is a fascinating documentary that investigates whether large cats are actually living in Britain’s wilderness. From the makers of ‘Britain’s Big Cat Mystery’ and ‘Cat Hunters: The Search for the Beast of Exmoor’ the documentary explores the evidence, the history and the theories of whether these big beasts could have been deliberately released into the wild.

The documentary explains how records of big cat sightings in Britain go all the way back to the reign of King Henry VIII in 1513 and also Britain’s long history of exotic pet trade.

Many experts give their opinions and share their fascinating evidence of photographic, video, paw print casting and more.

There are some great interviews in the film with eye witnesses telling their stories of when they came face to face with a mysterious big cat and also with some who admit to releasing exotic cats into the wild many years ago to save them from being euthanised.

The documentary is brilliantly shot and produced. It’s well on par with a documentary you would see on the likes of the History Channel.

With great narration, fascinating interviews and evidence produced, the runtime of 1hr 25 minutes flies by as it will keep you engrossed from the first few minutes right up until the end.

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