Have you seen this man?

Most people enjoy going to bed and being able to get a good night’s sleep. While others dread the very thought, as they often have weird and oddly strange dreams. Which leads to less sleep and often feeling tired.

While most of us have dreams that change in what they are about, others seem to have those specific dreams that repeat themselves. Some would even argue that their dreams involve one specific aspect that occurs repeatedly. A male stranger, that the person doesn’t know in real life but often haunts them in their dream.

Has this man been a visitor to your dreams?

The history behind this unknown face stems back to 2006. A patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of a man that had been visiting her dreams repeatedly. He offered her advice regarding her daily life. She solemnly swears that she had never met this man.

The psychiatrist lets the drawing lay forgotten on his desk. That’s when another patient notices the drawing and recognizes the man from his dreams. This catapults into other patients from this facility, stating that this man had and was still visiting their dreams on a repeated occurrence. They have claimed that over 2,000 people have seen this man from all over the world.

The uncanniness of it all is that no common relations or traits were found to link any of these patients together. This man has never been identified as an actual living person. Yet, seen by so many in their dreams as a familiar face.

There have been several theories that many feel may be the reason for this to be occurring. This all falls from the merits of religion, daytime recognition, collective consciousness, and other dream state motives.

Many people weren’t buying the fakery. It has been rumored that this is a subversive hoax employed by Andrea Natella, the owner of Guerriglia Marketing. Like an artwork displayed in a gallery and seen by people worldwide. Bits and pieces of that image, along with other faces that were often seen, conformed in their minds and made this familiar impostor. This makes him suddenly recognizable when they immediately see the picture of his face. There has been none validation verifying this as 100% truth.

We may never know whether there is actual truth behind this real or fictitious man. Many people continue to see him appear in their dreams. While others argue and debate that this is surreal.

What are your thoughts?


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