A very creepy haunted doll weeps tears of acid and tries to set itself on fire

‘Matt Paranormal’ from Wrexham, Wales, UK, bought the horrific haunted doll, Annie, in an auction after reading about her history and the death of her previous owners who had died in a fire.

A haunted doll which ‘weeps tears of acid and tries to set itself on fire’ has been rescued by a ghost hunter after a house fire.

Annie the doll, similar to those seen in classic horror movies, was bought by a supernatural fan calling himself Matt Paranormal who was intrigued by its background.

The horrific doll was found in a house fire in which the owners died, making it all the more terrifying.

Matt, 33, from Wrexham, Wales, told the Daily Star : “After reading about her history with the house fire, I knew I wanted to buy her.”

After buying Annie two years ago, Matt experienced a host of strange incidents including the doll trying to set itself on fire.

He claims its previous owners appeared next to her in images and witnessed the doll crying acid tears.

The supernatural fan spotted Annie at an auction in the US and was keen to buy her.

But the doll did not cost a huge amount of money and Matt fitted her with monitoring equipment to detect any paranormal activity which was happening.

Image where you can see the faces of her ‘attachments’ or previous owners


He said: “She cost me £100. After I had her imported to the UK, I had paranormal equipment installed into her as I thought her previous owners’ spirits would be attached to her.

“It wasn’t until last year that Annie actually started to cry.

“I believe that when she cries it is her ‘attachments’ way of showing emotions.

He says the doll’s weeping followed the death of her owners who are in denial that they have passed away.

This he claims means they are ‘demons’ who will not let go of their former lives.

“Annie’s tears are acidic which is demonic. As her previous owners haven’t accepted that they are dead, it means they are classed as demons.”

Matt revealed: “Annie is now kept in a glass box and is under 24-hour surveillance because she keeps trying to set herself on fire.

“Every now and then her clothes get a little bit more singed and charred, and her face is much darker now.

“Annie loves fire and last year, each of my five team members, all had something to do with fire happen to their house – all on the same day.”

The doll has been compared with horror movie toys Chucky and Annabelle who have terrified cinema goers for decades and the horror continues to intrigue them.

Matt said people are clamouring to see a a hunted doll similar to ones they have witnessed in films.

He said: “Annie is very popular with people who come and visit our HQ.

“Some people love the thrill of knowing there is a real haunted doll in front of them.

“However, some people have walked in the door and walked straight back out again after seeing her. She gives off a really negative vibe.”

Source: Mirror

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