The International Fortean Film Festival 2022

The ‘International Fortean Film Festival’ is returning in 2022 and promises to bring the best new movies and documentaries about the paranormal, the supernatural, the weird and the bizarre from around the globe to viewers and cinephiles whilst promoting independent filmmakers and indie cinema!

It is a multi-level award festival with opportunities to for filmmakers to receive award laurels and trophies for Official Selection, Honorable Mention, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards in each category.

Filmmakers who participate are guaranteed their project will be viewed and judged by an international panel of industry professionals from the world of film and television, from both in front and behind the camera, with a wealth of connections to numerous mainstream television networks, distributors and media outlets.

The Event

The event takes place on the last UK Bank Holiday weekend of the summer each year. The award winners and honorable mentions will be announced after midday on the Sunday of that weekend, right here on the official website of the Fortean Film Festival, FilmFreeway and also on social media.

To kick off the festival, there will be a private party on the opening night of Friday 2nd September 2022 from 9pm-1am where VIPs, stars of selected movies and television shows, filmmakers, distributors and festival organisers will be able to network and socialise. A lucky few fans and cinephiles will be able to buy tickets to attend this VIP event and have a ‘meet and greet’ experience with the stars and creators of their favourite shows and movies.

Live screenings will be held annually at physical locations in the United Kingdom; however, in any such event that a lockdown may impact the in-person live event, there will be provisions made for an online alternative as a contingency measure to ensure the festival definitely takes place.

If you missed 2021’s event, you can find all the winners listed here on the IMDb Fortean Film Festival Awards page.

More information on the event can be found at and on the event’s Facebook page



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