Guinness glass spontaneously explodes in The Long Arms pub

The landlord said the toughened Guinness glass at the bottom is supposed to shatter but not burst.

A bizarre security footage released by a pub in Wiltshire UK shows a glass exploding on its own as the bartender looks on in awe.

The CCTV footage filmed inside The Longs Arms pub shows a man talking to a bartender while having a drink at the bar. A second bartender is seen doing some cleaning at a distance.

As the man takes a few sips from his beer mug, the female bartender walks across the counter and positions herself just a few inches away from the bottom shelves

Suddenly, a glass flies out of the shelf out of nowhere and bursts spontaneously. Both the beer drinker and the female bartender were startled by the incident. But the male bartender, who was standing right in the middle by placing his hands on the countertop and shelves, didn’t seem too bothered.

The man with the cap is heard saying, “There you go”. He then makes some hand gestures and hums a spooky tune to say the place is haunted.

The bizarre clip was released on Twitter by The Long Arms with the caption: “So #George our resident is playing up tonight, keep watching the bottom shelf.”


While many users were taken aback by the clip, some skeptics said in the glass shattering may have been the result of something falling from the top of the glass. However, landlord Rob Allcock said it was not possible for anything to fall from the top because it was a single glass. Moreover, it was a toughened Guinness glass, he said.

“That’s not possible, because it’s a single glass- they’re not touching and this is a toughened Guinness glass, with the bottom blown out of it,” Allcock told a news outlet.

He further explained the glass was upside down on a dry mat with a gap underneath. He said the toughened glass at the bottom is supposed to shatter but not burst.

Interestingly, the Longs Arms pub has reported similar spooky incidents in the past.

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Source: Times Now News



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