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PARAFlixx paranormal+ Announces Its Debut As The World’s First & Only Universal Streaming Service Devoted to All Things Paranormal And Then Some.

Millions of people worldwide are fascinated by all things paranormal, ranging from ghosts and the spirit world through the possibility of UFOs and alien life forms, vampires and beyond. Until now, they’ve had to search far and wide across the Internet to find programming that fits their passionate interests.

The exciting new streaming service PARAFlixx paranormal+ – regarded by its fans as “the Netflix of the paranormal” – has arrived to fill that void. Bringing together an ever-growing library of original reality shows, fictional programming, music videos and feature films spanning the Paranormal, Supernatural, Universe & Beyond, Horror, and so much more. PARAFlixx has already made a big splash in the paranormal community since its launch in March.

“PARAFlixx is a subscription on-demand website, as well as an app which is downloadable on Roku TV, Chromecast, Google Play store and the Apple Store, and will be coming to other platforms including Amazon Fire and Apple TV,” said PARAFlixx President & CEO Natalie Jones. “We did our soft launch on March 21, and another hard launch with Roku TV at the beginning of May. We came together to create a universal platform with infinite possibility, bringing together the Paranormal universe with Hollywood know-how.”

Jones works alongside a dynamic team of partners to help bring her vision to life. Nick Bonnani, is Chief Marketing Officer & co-founder of PARAFlixx, Inc. and also owns University Magickus—An educational school for the paranormal, spiritual and metaphysical with an elevated approach. Nick also co-hosts the “The Haunted Psychomanteum: OMNIPRESENT” series with Jones, a paranormal web series streaming on PARAFlixx touring haunted locations.

Meanwhile, world-renowned psychic medium and “Good Witch” Patti Negri, a frequent guest on the Travel Channel’s #1 series “Ghost Adventures,” is the Senior Executive VP & co-founder at PARAFlixx, and owner of Universtiy Magickus with Bonanni. Rounding out the team are 25-year senior executive Chris Krebs as the streaming services’ Chief Financial Officer, and executive producer Mike Hatcher, who also owns Strange Goat Media with Jones, and executive producer and lead investigator for “Beyond The Dimensions,” A PARAFlixx Original Series.

‘We came together as our passion unites us to bring forth infinite possibility with a Universal platform which did not previously exist on the market,” explained Jones. “We have big plans for the future and will have millions of subscribers within five years.”

“Alongside what we stand for in infinite possibilities, we know disclosure and awakening on a global scale is here, so we extend to all things supernatural, horror, thriller, vampire, UFO, extraterrestrial, cryptid and spiritual content, plus an Enlightened Learning collection, and created the #PARAPlays collection, which are paranormal clips captured on film,” she added. “As PARAFlixx is dedicated to the Paranormal and so much more, that’s why we included paranormal + in our trademark.”

PARAFlixx paranormal + matches the programming format of industry giant Netflix by predicting other programming that individual viewers will enjoy. The more they watch, the better the system works in helping them find other programs that best match their interests.

PARAFlixx paranormal+ is unique and in as realm of its’ own, as nearly 90 percent of the streamer’s content is exclusive to the service, with new programming options added weekly. Subscribers can join by either paying $29.99 annually or $3.99 per month, which includes a three-day free trial to explore the service. Subscriptions can be ordered at and downloaded on the APP for seamless streaming on-the-go, television, or from your favorite devices.

Jones is also excited to announce the production of a new PARAFlixx Original feature film, a vampire movie with a unique Catholic angle called “Transubstantiation.” Set to debut in 2022, the film by writer-director Cody Knotts follows a vampire (newcomer Ryan Joseph) who discovers that his only chance for a cure is to drink the blood of Christ. He abducts a priest, Father Mark (Scott Cooper of “The Maze Runner” and “Homeland”) and a family to force God to perform a miracle.

“It’s groundbreaking and it touches on something that really doesn’t exist in the film industry right now,” says Jones. “It’s definitely going to be an explosive feature film.”

The movie will join other PARAFlixx original series that include “Beyond the Dimensions,” which follows paranormal investigators Mike Hatcher, Ashley Moreno and Jason Baker as they bring a new edge to Spirit communication.

Original documentaries also can be found on the service, such as “The Harrisville Haunting: The Real Conjuring House,” which takes place at The Harrisville Farmhouse (also called The Farm on Round Top Road or The Conjuring House) that was the location for the first film in the wildly successful “The Conjuring” trilogy of true-life demonic possession tales. Are the extreme Paranormal claims from the film real? Come along with researchers Matt Benton, Joe Vitale, Bill Cook, and Eric Conner as they delve into this mysterious haunting and share their incredible findings and evidence. A DEVIL’S HOUR PRODUCTIONS and Entity Seven Films Production.

Add it all up, and it’s clear that PARAFlixx paranormal+ is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the programming landscape. And with the spookiest season of the year coming in October, now is the perfect time to sign up for the service and #DareToStreamAlone.

“Every October we’ll have the network theme ‘HALLOFlixx,’ somewhat like the Travel Channel themes itself ‘Ghostober,’” says CEO Natalie Jones. “Special episodes will come out that month in celebration of ‘HALLOFlixx’ and we will incorporate other aspects to bring an extra level of celebration to the platform

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