Ghost caught on camera standing near child’s bed

An amazing picture of what looks like the ghost of an elderly person as been shared on ‘The Paranormal Society of Northeast GA‘ Facebook page.

The picture is a still image taken from a baby cam that was set up by a grandmother to keep an eye on their 2 year old granddaughter and 7 month old grandson.

No actual video is available and the owners of the photo remain anonymous for privacy reasons.

They say that the spirit talks to their granddaughter and keeps her up most of the night, laughing and talking until one night they heard her tell the spirit no, and go away.

They have also heard a mans voice in the room when there has been no-one there. Also cabinets and doors open and close on their own.

Here is the post and story from Paranormal Society of Northeast GA.

Reposted with permission from sender and no names for privacy. The original post was posted on this page a week ago and…

Posted by The Paranormal Society of Northeast GA on Monday, 15 March 2021

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