Ghost moves chair while piano is being played

Paravent, a paranormal event group, recently shared a video on their Facebook group page which shows a spooky incident where a chair in the room moves all by itself while a piano is being played.

The video was shared by Sharon, member of the Paravent group, who’s daughter was recording herself playing the piano.

Sharon wrote: “Ok, you all know I travel all over to gather evidence of the paranormal & have had various experiences of my own, ….well here’s something that has just happened to my daughter in our new house as she was recording herself playing piano, …watch the chair at the table.

(please don’t even think about suggesting it’s a set up….I take the paranormal very seriously especially when it comes to my own home & family).

A second video was shared showing the chair move yet again frightening her daughter.

She wrote “I’m gunna share this second video, u can see how scared she is …she doubted what she was seeing, …it was done straight after the first one…& It happens again!

Most comments suggest it was a spirit pulling up a chair to sit and listen to her playing the piano.

What do you think?

Paravent facebook can be found here 


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