Security guard hears a child’s voice then spots something on CCTV

This chilling CCTV shows the “ ghost of a child” caught moving in and out of a door in a school after a security guard became concerned that he could hear voices.

In the clip, a ghostly white apparition is seen floating in the darkness, with the school allegedly totally deserted at 6am on Sunday, February 2, this year.

The “ghost” is seen “walking into the door” according to YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, which said that it looks as if it “pacing up and down”.

Sharing the footage on the channel, the admin said they were sure the object’s ability to move through a solid door proved it wasn’t just a bug on the security camera.

He wrote: “This footage was released by the security guard of the school in Armenia on February 2, 2020.

“On hearing voices of children in a school that that should had been empty at this time as this was on a Sunday morning the guard called the police and shortly after the police made their investigation they rolled out a known object from the school.

“Could this have been a body? Feeling that this incident would remain untold the security guard recorded and released this footage along with what he had witnessed.”

It is not known what the police removed from the school.

Fellow believers were impressed by the footage and said that it was definitely a real ghost – and not a bug as is often the case with these “paranormal” videos.

One admirer wrote: “Wow man that one sent shivers down my spine. That’s truly something there!

“Freaking freaky video for sure. Crazy how these apparitions seem to always appear around doorways. Like some sort of paranormal door to another dimension?”

A second viewer said: “I thought it might be a bug until it went behind the door opening. Crazy!”

What do you think?

Source: Daily Star


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