A ghost on Steamer Lane, California

I was recently contact by Rick Cordeiro to share his story and photos of a ghost sighting on Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California.

This is his story,

It was about 10:30 pm on Saturday night July 13th 2019 and it just happened to be my birthday.

It was almost a full moon and there was an eclipse the night before. I was on the west side of town in Santa Cruz California and decided to stop at Steamer Lane a popular surfing spot and one of my favorite spots in Santa Cruz.

The moon was beautiful and reflecting off the ocean, I kept getting this nagging feeling to get out and take some pictures and eventually I did.

As I was taking the pictures with my iPhone I knew I was going to be capturing something as I could see orbs flying around and I often find orbs in the pictures I take.

When I got back to my car to review the pictures I found an image that was not there when I took the picture. I gave this a lot of thought to make sure there was no one was walking by when I took the picture.

When I cropped the picture and it was close up, to my surprise I found the image was holding what seems to be a dog? (ghost dog?)

My iPhone also takes live pictures and I have a picture of the image walking and then I put that on a loop. I have cropped some pictures  but other then that they have not been edited what so ever.

These are my pictures from my personal iphone.

What do you think of it?


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