A little interview with Amy Bruni, Co-host of Kindred Spirits on Travel Channel

If you’re a paranormal TV show fan then no doubt you will know Amy Bruni who is co-host of the TV show ‘Kindred Spirits’ on Travel Channel.

Amy along with Adam Berry visit people who believe their homes are haunted and investigate to capture evidence. The third season aired earlier this year.

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with Amy and ask her some questions about the paranormal, Kindred Spirits, haunted locations and also Strange Escapes which Amy runs as a side business.

Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: You have over 20 years of experience investigating the paranormal. Do you still have the same amount of passion for the paranormal as you did when you first started out, if so what keeps your passion burning?

A. Amy: I absolutely do, if not more. The paranormal is such a broad term, so as you become more and more involved in the field, many more doors and opportunities open. A large part of what keeps me interested is that many of my colleagues and co-workers have become like family, so the paranormal has become a lifestyle more than just a job.


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: Of all the locations you have investigated, where would you say was the most active location you have been to?

A: Amy: It’s hard to say, but Waverly Hills would definitely be up there. It’s one of those places that is consistently active – I don’t walk into Waverly and not have an experience.


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: And what location scared you the most?

A. Amy: The paranormal doesn’t scare me, live people do. And animals. I’ve definitely been startled by an experience before, but once I have a moment to collect myself, it’s back to business. I would say when I was investigating the train tracks in Barnstable, MA on the Crocker Tavern episode and the railroad crossing alarm went off – that was terrifying, but mostly because I thought I was completely wrong about trains not running in the winter and that we were about have an actual train come down the tracks.


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: On an investigation have you ever had a spirit become attached to you and unknowingly taken it home with you?

A. Amy: I believe that spirits occasionally follow you home because they want to keep talking to you. I’ve had it happen a few times, but once you look at spirits as people and talk to them like people, you can respectfully ask them to leave if you don’t want them around.


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: You run Strange Escapes, what is a typical weekend/week during a stay at one the locations?

A. Amy: We try to make our Escapes a paranormal vacation. So, a trip will include mixers and parties, plus lectures, workshops and actual investigations.


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: Have you ever had anyone that couldn’t last the whole stay and leave early?

A: Amy: We’ve had people who stepped out of the investigation early, but we’ve never had someone up and leave the whole event. We are usually at some pretty beautiful places.


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: What’s the strangest thing that has happened at a Strange Escapes location?

A. Amy: There are too many to count, we’ve had some pretty insane experiences over the years. My friend Sarah Vickers came with us to Mount Washington and she and her husband had a wild experience which she documented in her blog, here: https://www.classygirlswearpearls.com/2019/01/a-mount-washington-ghost-story.html


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: If someone had the opportunity to visit any haunted location in the US for a vacation where would you suggest?

A: Amy Depends on what they’re looking for. Really, you can find something haunted anywhere you go. I usually plan my trips based on what places I’d like to see, then research haunted locations in the area.


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: What are your top 5 haunted locations in the US?

A. Amy: I wish I could narrow it down to five! I’d probably say

  1. Mount Washington Hotel
  2. Waverly Hills
  3. Maplecroft
  4. Belvoir Winery
  5. Norwich State Hospital, (which is mostly torn down now.)


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: Kindred Spirits season 3 aired earlier this year. Will there be a season 4? 
A. Amy: You’ll have to stay tuned and see. 😉


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: If there will be a season 4. Would you ever consider bringing Kindred Spirits over here to film at some UK locations?

A. Amy: Absolutely, we would love that.


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: I read that during your spare time you like visiting antique stores. Have you ever purchased a haunted object?

A. Amy: Yes, but I knew it was. I’d never let that dissuade people from shopping antiques.


Q. Paul, Paranormal Globe: Is everyone friends within the paranormal TV show community and do you all ever mix or get to hang out together?

A. Amy: Absolutely. It’s like any other job, there are certain co-workers you mesh with and over the years, become very real friends. Some of the folks in para TV are like family to me. One really big, weird family.


Thanks to Amy for taking time out to answer my questions.

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