Ghost hunting at the Lit and Phil Library

Last Saturday night myself and ten friends from work took part in a ghost hunt/paranormal investigation at the Literature and Philosophical library in Newcastle, UK. With a good few haunted locations to choose from around my local area (North East England). I decided on the Lit and Phil Library.

The lit and Phil library has a great history, it was founded in 1793 as a conversation club more than fifty years before the London Library. It is said to be haunted by up to 16 ghosts, haunting all three floors, so we were sure to be in for a great night of ghost hunting.

The night was hosted by a local ghost hunting team, Ghost North East, who have been investigating the Paranormal all around the North East and rest of the UK for around 12 years.

We spent five hours investigating all floors of the library right up until 2am, from the main library to the basement and even the male toilets. Some of the brave ones of our group went on loan vigils in the scariest places.

The basement was dark and quite scary, some of the Ghost North East team refuse to stay in the basement by themselves. A ghost of a man who hates women is said to haunt down there and we did get some activity and noises while calling out and aggravating the spirit.

Further into the dark basement resides a spirit of a young girl who communicated with us through dowsing rods. She will only speak to females as she is afraid of men.

In the main room of the library we didn’t seem to get as much activity as we did in the basement, although we did get the odd voice come through on the SB7 spirit box and the letter dice spelt out words and names of people who were among us, although I am skeptical about the use of letter dice.

However, we may have capture an orb moving quite quickly across the main room, or maybe it can be debunked? here is the pic

Throughout the night many strange things were experienced and heard. Some things could be explained and some things couldn’t, but nothing would top what I experienced in the toilets.

During a call out to the spirit who was said to haunt the male toilets I experienced the most bizarre feeling. My whole body seemed to become covered in what I can only describe as a cold, electricity like, pins and needles feeling all over.

It lasted for a short while then moved across my body from right to left as if something was passing through me. The person standing next to me could also feel cold down one side of their body.

I guess it could well have been the spirit as we did call out to ask if the spirit could to let us know if it was were nearby by effecting some of us.

In all it was a good night for ghost hunting and I intend on doing another ghost hunt sometime soon in another location. Maybe I should start up my own ghost hunting team!

I would highly recommend going to a ghost hunting event hosted by Ghost North East if you live in the north-east of England or even if you are just visiting the area, you would be in for a great night.

You can find them at Ghost North East  Or on their Facebook page


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