Scare yourself this Halloween by listening to these spooky podcasts.

If you are looking to spook yourself this Halloween then what better way than to sit back in the dark and listen to some scary podcasts.

So why not turn off those lights, light those candles and sit quietly in the flickering candlelight and listen to some of these spooky stories which are sure to send chills down your spine and make you stare into the dark corners of your room.

The Moonlit Road Podcast

Listen here: The Moonlit Road

These are classic tales and short stories of ghosts, folktales, myths and legends from South America. These are sure to send shivers down your spine.


The Other Stories

Listen Here: The Other Stories

These are classic stories brought into the 21st century where YouTube and your bedroom mirror can create ghosts, vampires, zombies etc. You will be scared to go to sleep.


The No Sleep Podcast

Listen Here: The No Sleep Podcast

This podcast was inspired by r/nosleep on Reddit. If you’re a fan of those stories then you will love this podcast. Creepy horror stories, urban legends and more.


The Black Tapes

Listen Here: The Black Tapes

This is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Alex Reagen. A serialized docudrama about a journalist trying to dig up the truth about a paranormal investigator.


Anything Ghost

Listen Here: Anything Ghost

Every story you hear on Anything Ghost is real. All stories are submitted by listeners either by a call-in or email.


Bedtime Stories

Listen Here: Bedtime Stories

This is a favourite of mine. This YouTube channel you can listen to all sorts of creepy stories from around the world. Covering the paranormal, supernatural, unsolved mysteries, strange deaths and much more. These are great to get you spooked while in bed.


Are you scared yet?





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