Ghost of a young boy spotted in a picture taken inside a haunted Teesside pub

Head doorman Reece Hugill of Manhattan’s Pub in Stockton, Teesside, UK, was exploring the pub after a team of paranormal investigators had just taken a tour of the building.

Reece, a self-confessed sceptic, decided to take a random photo and was shocked to see what looks like a ghostly image of young boy in the picture.

Reece said. “Manhattan’s is said to be Stockton’s most haunted building,

“People have said there has been over 100 recorded deaths here. Others, like old owners and staff, have said they have heard voices and seen things move.

“I was showing a new member of security staff around the building, and I told him we had some mediums/paranormal investigators come and check the place out a few days prior.

“We went all the way to the top floor – each floor got creepier and creepier. The other two also started to say it was very cold, which I shrugged off because the windows were old and cracked.”

Enhanced version

Reece shared the image on Facebook to see what others made of it.

He added “Everybody has said it’s a little boy which is strange because the investigators mentioned a young trapped spirit named Joshua.

“But whether it is a ghost or just something like light coming in from the window or a pattern on the wall, I can’t deny that its one spooky place.”


Can you see it? what do you make of it?


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