Video of a ‘Devil Child’ trying to manifest in a haunted house

This footage was captured by ghost hunter Mark Vernon at a haunted house in Chesterfield, UK.

Mark was investigating the haunted home at the time and believes what you see in the video is that of a devil child trying to manifest itself in the front room of the house.

He said “At first I thought it was the figure of a young boy, but on closer inspection it appears to have horns – you can clearly see its features and horns”.

The house has a history of ghostly goings on with an exorcism being performed by the church back in the 1980’s after the residents living there at the time were complaining of being kept awake at night due to scratching noises at the foot of their bed and feeling as if someone or something was trying to crawl into their bed.

Mark Vernon believes that the exorcism failed and the spirits remain in the house.

Source: Derbyshire Times


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