Mother films ghost of her son from a past life

A mother from the West Midlands, UK, claims that she has filmed the ghost of her ‘son from a past life’ walking past her TV and around her living room.

In the footage you can see what looks like an apparition of a small figure which walks across the room and also past the TV screen. If you look hard enough you can make out what maybe a head and shoulders.

Mandy who shot the footage is a self-taught medium and believes the spirit is that of a little boy called Danny who was the product of a frowned upon love affair she had in a former life.

She said “I started taking lots of photos and videos and I could see this beautiful spirit. It was amazing.

“I could tell right away it was a little boy and that he was always with me so I went to get a reading.

“The medium told me the little boy was my son from a past life. At first I was so shocked, I just couldn’t believe it.

“In one of my videos of Danny you can see a gold spark before he runs past the TV. That orb is of an archangel watching over him”.

Mandy says the spirit of little boy Danny is very mischievous and often switches the kettle of when she tries to make a cup of tea and she can also hearing him jumping on her bed.

She shared her video as she wishes more people would become more open to the existence of the paranormal.

“I just wish that more people were open-minded about it because so many people must be surrounded by angels from their past lives but they’re too oblivious or skeptical to ever realise,” she said.

What do you think?  Just the TV screen reflecting on to the camera or a ghost?


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