Family spot an American civil war maid on their hidden camera

Bill and Cheryl Welty wanted to keep an eye on their dog while they were away from home so they set up a hidden camera in their living room.

While looking through the footage they had recorded they claim that have captured a ghost of an American civil war maid.

The capture photo shows their son Tim fixing their computer, however the ghostly maid is seen behind him. Tim is unaware as he has his back to her.


The ghost spooked them so much that after showing the photo to their religious friends, they were given holy water to sprinkle around their house.

Tim said “It definitely looks like the shape of a woman.

“Our house is right on top of the location of the First Battle of the Bull Run – that’s where it would have been fought.

“For me, it looks like an old-time work or farm maid.

“If you zoom in you can see highlights that show a chin so she could be facing forwards. Her nose and chin can also be seen.”

Apparently they have other photos from the camera which shows a light on in the room but was off the next morning, no-one was awake at the time the light came on.

Tim said “t’s an automatic camera that my mum got to watch the dogs to see if it catches them do any fun stuff but also to keep an eye on them when they go out.

“It’s supposed to record everything but it’s not been working correctly so instead it takes pictures at regular ten minute intervals”

Rumours have it that their house is built on a famous American civil war battle ground in Manassas, Virginia, US.

They have also had other paranormal experiences in their home. They often feel a presence in their bedroom while they try to sleep.

What do you think?  Can you make out an American civil war maid?

I admit when I first saw the photo I thought the ghost was the full figure but that turned out to the their son. …I’m struggling to see the maid!


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