A ghost plays a piano for paranormal investigators

A group of paranormal investigators have release a video which shows a piano playing a couple of notes by itself which they claim was a demon they summoned while using a Ouija board.

They set up a camera on the piano in a building called The Village in Mansfield UK after they heard it being played when there was no-one around.

The investigators are already planning to return the building in two weeks time to attempt to make contact with the ghost.

Investigator Lee said “The reason we had set up the camera at the piano is that on a few occasions people had heard it play these notes but never caught it so we had no proof.

“We left the camera running all night to see what we would get – and then on this occasion it does go off on its own.

“It was the same notes that we had heard on other occasions. It’s really weird.

“My first thought is from a scientific point of view to try to explain it. I have asked in the day time to see if anyone has heard it but no one has witnessed it – but then no one is down there in the day time near it.

“The scientific explanation could be that a change in temperature at night is making the piano keys sound. However there are no windows down there and the temperature is roughly the same both day and night so I don’t think that is the explanation.

“It could be something spiritual. A lot of people use the ledge table nearby for their experiments, whether it is with Ouija boards or other methods. But there are lots of people trying to contact spirits so one could be trying to respond by playing the piano to make them take notice.

“If there are such things as ghosts, and they have made contact with them then, what better way for them to try to get noticed than playing the piano? Or maybe the notes it plays are significant?

“I don’t personally think the piano is significant in itself or haunted as such, I just think people have called something to the area, or maybe a spirit is already there and the piano just happens to be there for it to use to communicate.

“My team return in February and we will be focusing on that area for sure. We hope to get better quality footage of it happening again.

“I will try to interact with anything that’s there if it wants to communicate.

“If I found out it was demonic I would still try to do this. I know it sounds weird but I have been at it a long time and you don’t come across something like this often. So to capture proof would be brilliant.

“I will take my chances with whatever it is in my bid to prove the existence to the world.”

The owner of The Village Mike Lee says he has experienced many strange things in the building including seeing shadows.

He said “Quite a few things have happened that we don’t know how or why. We hear creaky noises all the time – but then it is an old building.

“It’s OK in the day time when its busy and noisy but thankfully I’m not here much at night.

“It is a bit creepy when you have to go down into the basement on your own with the lights off. You feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

“I have seen a shadow once but nothing definite myself. But lots of customers have mentioned various things and they are different groups of customers too who don’t know each other – so that is very odd.

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