Haunted house goes on sale with orbs appearing in estate agent photo’s

One of Britain’s most haunted houses known as ‘The Cage’ has gone on sale with photo’s that show spirit orbs of what may be haunting the house.

The estate agent heard banging upstairs while they were taking the photographs.


The house was once a prison until 1908. It was there that notorious Essex witch Ursela Kemp was jailed before being hanged in 1582 for killing two children

The house was put up for sale after the owner claimed she was attacked by the ghost. It apparently smacked her on the ass.


The Estate agent handling the sale said it would be quite hard to attract a buyer with the history of the house and for it to be well-known as being haunted.

They said: “We are waiting for a specific type of buyer. We are looking for someone who is connected to the paranormal industry.

“They either have to be very interested in ghosts and prepared to live with what goes on in the house or it needs to be someone who is looking to run it as a business venture.

“But it is a case of wading through the people who are intrigued and finding the people who are genuinely interested in buying it.”

The owner Venessa Mitchel says she bought the house in 2004 unaware of its history.

Since she moved in, a ghost has smacked her on her ass and pushed her over.  She has also witnessed objects fly across rooms on their own.

Doing a quick bit of research on the house it seems it’s not the first time Vanessa has tried to sell her home.

Back in January this year she appeared on the media (Daily Mail) with a similar story after she put the house on the market with CCTV footage from the house recording a ‘satanic goat’ roaming the grounds.


There are also  suggestions that Vanessa actually rents out the house, with a few people who rented the property from her saying they didn’t experience anything while living there.

It’s also alleged that she rents it out to ghost hunters for investigations and has made a considerable amount of money from doing so.

What are your thoughts?

Would you buy this house?






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