The Creature from Scroby Sands – 2nd Annual Fortean Film Festival

At the 2nd annual Fortean Film Festival in Gloucester, UK, which took place earlier this month on the 2nd – 3rd September, a 10 minute preview was screened of an up coming horror film ‘The Creature from Scroby Sands’.

The film which is in pre-production went on to win three awards. Best Work in Progress, Best Poster/Artwork and with Best Performance going to Millie the Dog, for her portrayal of ships skipper, Dillas the Dog.

The Creature from Scroby Sands is inspired by 1960’s horror films and pays homage to that era. The film tells the story of four teenagers who choose to holiday in Great Yarmouth while a dangerous see creature is on the loose.

Check out this video for a first look preview of The Creature from Scroby Sands and also for some ‘behind the scenes’ at this years International Fortean Film Festival.

The Creature from Scroby Sands’ is directed by Jordon Thomas Sendall, produced by Kyle Ball, with screenplay by James Weeds and releases later this year.


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