Great Gift Ideas for Horror Fans and Gamers

A passion for the paranormal can often translate into enjoying a lot of films, shows, and books in the horror genre, and gamers might enjoy these narratives in the games they choose to play as well. If you do have a big horror fan and/or gamer in your life with a birthday coming up or another special occasion, you might be in the process of trying to find them the perfect gift. Below are some ideas that might inspire you and are all things that they are sure to love.

1.  A Visit to a Haunted House Attraction

The business might be booming for these attractions around Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the spookiest time of year to enjoy them. While some might only be open seasonally, others do open their doors for the entire year. Not only can they get your adrenaline pumping, but these haunted house attractions can be a lot of fun to attend with friends. Some have different themes, like a haunted asylum, hospitals, or even escaping from a psychotic farmer in a hay maze in some cases. Either way, finding one that your horror fan will love is sure to go down well as a gift.

2.  A New Gaming Laptop

If they are a big gamer as well as a horror fan, a new gaming laptop will be a generous and beloved gift. Look at these Lenovo thin gaming laptops, as these models can be easy to move around and more comfortable to use, without sacrificing any of the quality of the gaming experience. They can get lost in all of their favorite horror and non-horror games for hours on end!

3.  A New Selection of Horror Games

If a new laptop doesn’t feel right as a gift, a good alternative is a selection of new horror games that they can immerse themselves in. If they have been discussing some recently, take note of the titles so that you can surprise them with your gift. If not, do some research to see what the most popular horror games are at the moment, or any upcoming ones that are getting a lot of buzz around them.

4.  Spend the Night at a Haunted Location

Another option you can explore as a gift is taking them to a famous haunted location and spending the night. There are many organized tours of this nature that you can book tickets for, or you might choose to spend the night at a hotel with a particularly ghostly reputation. Just don’t get too frightened if you start to see shadows or hear noises in the dead of night.

5.  Merchandise of Their Favourite Horror Movies and Games

You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt, hoody, or even a cool framed poster of someone’s favorite movies or games. Look at other merchandise that might have a character they love or a quote they keep repeating – there will be plenty of options to explore if you do choose to go down this road for a gift.

If you have a horror fan and gamer in your life and you want to get them a gift that they will love, consider the suggestions above and see which one would be suitable for them.


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