Path 11 TV – A new TV network for all your paranormal, self discovery and spiritual awareness needs

Are you on a spiritual path? Are you fascinated by questions of consciousness, the afterlife, UFOs, ghosts, meditation, alternative medicine, paranormal, and mysterious insights?

Do you wish there was just one place where you could find the kind of films, television series, lectures, conferences, interviews, and documentaries that focus on the unseen world?

Path 11 TV is that place – a new TV network focusing on self-discovery and spiritual awareness. Path 11 TV was founded by April Hannah and Michael Habernig whose extraordinary
experiences led them to setting up the streaming service.

Michael began a spiritual search and exploration of the paranormal began after the loss of many loved ones in a short period of time. His producing partner April Hannah it appears he was fated to meet – now they are the creative team behind Path 11 with many documentaries, TV shows and podcasts to their name.

On November 11th, 2020, Path 11 internationally acclaimed medium, grief, and bereavement expert Suzane Northrop will launch the network with a special FREE event.

Suzane will provide important information about the afterlife and perform live readings for those watching the live stream. Suzane is well-known to audiences of the Emmy-nominated HBO special, Life Afterlife, as the medium with the highest-scoring accuracy rate of those tested by Dr. Gary Schwartz. Suzane’s superior talent as a medium captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of North American viewers.

Here you will find never before seen interviews with thought leaders in the world of consciousness like the former NASA nuclear physicist Thomas Campbell, the astronomer, Marc D’Antonio, out-of-body specialist, William Buhlman, former President of the Monroe Institute, Skip Atwater, and former Executive Director of TMI, Paul Rademacher.  Path 11 features teachers in the mystical traditions like Andrew Harvey, discusses the mysteries of life and death with renowned Level 1 ER doctor, Monica Williams, talks to those visited by alien life and UFOs with Fire in the Sky’s Travis Walton and meets with many other extraordinary people on the Path.

Subscribers will have unlimited access to the Path 11’s library of videos. New content is added to the Path 11 TV portal regularly.

From the outset, producer and director Michael Habernig and April Hannah wanted Path 11 to be a place that challenges viewer’s belief systems and leaves a lasting impression. Their original documentary series, The Path Trilogy, is renowned for doing just that, and it formed a basis and inspiration for the content subscribers will find on the service.

More than 75 hours of exclusive footage is now available. Viewers who sign up NOW will receive 25% off their monthly membership for 3 months, by using coupon code AFTERLIFE25 when signing up, also, a copy of The Path: Evolution DVD, a Path 11 TV t-shirt for the first 500 signups and 1 entry into a drawing for 1 free annual membership.

The winner will be announced on 11/11/2020. Without this promotion, prices are normally 9.99 a month and $99 for the year.

For more information about Path 11, please visit, and if you would like to become a subscriber to the network, visit

About Path 11 Productions Michael Habernig and April Hannah

Filmmaker Michael Habernig and mental health therapist and holistic health practitioner, April Hannah formed Path 11 Productions in 2008 to investigate the mysteries of life and death.

Their documentary series The Path Trilogy was sold to the Gaia Network in 2011 and they continue to make fascinating television including the series Conversations on the Path, Ask Dr. Death, the
Annual UFO Conference and The Afterlife Awareness Conferences.

Additionally, they produce the successful podcast series, Path 11 Podcast and have interviewed over 250 thought leaders, scientists, authors and thinkers in the world of consciousness. They focus on investigating and documenting the secrets of the universe. For more information about Michael and April go to


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