Fleet of UFOs spotted flying over California

A fleet of UFOs flying in formation were caught on camera flying over California on January 11th.

The witness who spotted them on the camera said he first saw three of the white orb objects flying in a straight line, then he spotted five more flying slightly below that were all flying in formation. They were able to maintain their formation for a long time.

He said “The 3 white orbs were by themselves for about a minute,

“Then 5 orbs came up slightly faster than the others’ primary assent, and then slowed and split into the pentagon shape filmed.

“I have a snapshot of the first 3, in the area of the pentagon, you won’t find any orbs. In the other photo, you can see the pentagon orbs close to the first 3.”

After viewing the video, Scott Waring of ET Data Base noted that the objects were part of a fleet of UFOs. He said that these alien vessels often travel in groups to observe populated areas.

Scott said in a blog post “Here is the most common type of UFO…the orb.

“Orb UFOs come in all sizes from a baseball to a 747 size. Orbs also often fly in a fleet as you see in the video below. UFOs have been visiting the Los Angeles area for a long time.”

Although some of those who have watched the video say that these could just be satellites, similar to Elon Musk’s Space X Starlink satellite constellation.

What do you think?



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