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Readers Story: I actually scared our ghost

This story was shared by Sonya Corder “One day our family came in from a trip. I barged into the back door, we have had sightings but this time I saw a mist turn the corner of the steps and actually heard it scrambling to get up the steps by …

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Readers Story: The Tapping ghost

This story was shared by Kaiden “We live in a poor area where crime is high and I have big islander friends cousins who trained me to fight to protect myself and others meaning I don’t usually get scared by unusual activity. One day I was at home and playing …

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Readers Story: My Daughter

This story was shared by Glenda Mize, what do you think of her experiences? This is her story: “When my daughter was twelve she and two friends played Ouija board. Something kept spelling the name Ottis. She thought they were playing with her. A few moments later she was with …

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Readers Story: Within Me

This story is shared by Eric DeRouen “10 years ago one evening in my apartment I became infused with this energy and then I began to weep uncontrollably. After 5 minutes it wasn’t going away so I retracted my steps to the area in my apartment where I began to …

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Readers Story: No Explanations

This story is shared by Laura from San Marcos, Texas.  Can you explain what she might have witnessed? This is her story: “I get off of work at 9 pm and I live about 10 miles outside of the city and on my way home about 2 weeks ago I …

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Where is Momo located?

If there is any anonymous creature that has scared the daylight off kids, then Momo is top of the list. Have you ever heard of it? Do you know about Momo? Momo can scare the daylight out of you! Momo can give some creepy feelings to brave kids. Momo is …

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Most Haunted Buildings in North Wales

North Wales. A land of scenic beauty, rugged coastline and picturesque countryside. This is what people generally think of when they think of North Wales. However, there is another side to my welcoming homeland. Along its labyrinth of winding roads through the mountains and hills you can unearth its many …

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7 tips for ghost walks and haunted tours.

History is vital to our existence as human beings. So it does not really come as a surprise that we are taking adequate steps to studying it. A lover of knowledge will not mind making a last minute flight deals in the wake of some interesting historical news. Even if …

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