Trifield Natural EMF Meter




Trifield Natural EMF Meter

The TriField Natural EMF meter detects changes in natural and man-made electric and magnetic fields (AC/DC) in all directions. This precision tool wears many hats for total control over the fields detected and sensitivity to suit the environment. It is so highly sensitive it will detect the presence of activity even from a distance with a needle gauge and sound.
Highly sensitive EMF detection
Tri-axis sensor to detect in all directions (x, y, z planes)
Detects natural and man-made frequencies (AC/DC current)
Detection Modes: Magnetic, Electric, Radio or Sum
Precision analog guage
Sound alert that changes with reading intensity
Adjustable sensitivity
The TriField Natural Meter was designed for precision measurement. As paranormal investigators, we require precision on minimal changes. The Trifield does that by detection extremely weak static (DC or ‘natural’) electric, magnetic fields and radio waves. It alerts to changes with both a tone and the movement of a needle-type gauge.
It’s so sensitive it can detect you waving your hand near the meter or a person walking nearby, even through a wall. The sensitivity knob on the side allows you to adjust to the right amount you need for the environment. Just set it down, wait for the meter to baseline then turn to adjust the sensitivity knob to your preference.

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