Full Spectrum Digital Camera




Full Spectrum Digital Camera

Now you can take FULL SPECTRUM
Photos & Video with the convenience and ease of a compact digital camera.

  • 16 MP digital photos
  • Full spectrum modified for night vision (with FS or IR light)
  • HD video with audio
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Compact and simple to use camera


This is a digital camera has been professionally modified to be Full Spectrum seeing deep into the normally unseen spectrum of light. Offering high quality photos this camera also offers video and audio capture. It features an easy to use interface with plenty of features to make your job easier and capturing evidence more effective.

 This product is made or modified right here at GhostStop.
As with all cameras, this is best used with the aid of an external light source such as an IR or Full Spectrum light. Includes mount on the bottom of the unit for attaching external lights, mounting to a tripod or other accessories. See ACCESSORIES to the right for suggestions.
*NOTE* This camera is not suitable for everyday use such as family gathering and sporting events as the hardware modifications to the unit make the picture constantly a ‘pinkish’ hue during use in daylight.
*SHIPPING NOTE: Because these units are custom made, we generally ship within the ‘availability’ estimate shown above but please allow up to 1 week for modification and shipment.

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