Footstep Tracker Geophone




Footstep Tracker Geophone

Have you ever received reports of footsteps, vibration or movement on a case? This incredibly sensitive vibration detection device is a geophone that ‘listens’ to vibrations and sends the readout to a visual display. It comes with a remote sensor that you can place anywhere and watch for changes on the readout to see if there is someone or something moving. Greater motion lights up more lights on the LED readout for quick and easy identification of strength and variation.

  • High sensitivity geophone sensor detects even small vibrations
  • Remote sensor with detachable/extendable cable
  • Glow-in-the-dark sensor for spotting the the darkness
  • NEW! Free rugged rubber boot for added protection with belt loop
  • Sensitivity control adjustment knob
  • Comes with flexible tripod for readout unit

It is designed to detect bangs and creaks in the floors or walls but is sensitive enough to detect the slightest movement – even from afar. With the adjustable sensitivity you can decide how much movement it will take to light the guage. The detachable sensor allows you to place the sensor on the floor and the readout on a table OR place the sensor in one room while watching the read out in another (extension cable required). Though this is not your typical geophone it does utilize the same components to measure seismic response which is used by science to measure earthquakes and ground activity. Watch for patterns that may indicate man-made, mechanical possibilities.
 This product is made right here at GhostStop.

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