Ambient Thermometer




Ambient Thermometer

This easy-to-use ambient thermometer is used to measure a temperature and humidity in a snap. Ambient temperature is best for paranormal investigations when attempting to detect cold spots in an area.


    • Ambient temperature and humidity readings
    • Large, easy to read digital display
        • Records measurements to display high and low spikes
        • Displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit

      Temperature spike detection.
      The display shows the highest and lowest temperature and humidity readings recorded during the investigation or in past 24 hours. For best results, simply remove the battery after every investigation or whenever yo would like to reset the min/max level. This way you will get an accurate reading of the high/low spike since the device was last ‘reset’. Otherwise, it will show the high/low spikes within the last 24 hours period.

      • Detects ambient temperature and humidity
      • Large, easy-to-read digital display
      • Automatic high/low reading display
      • °F, °C Temperature Selection Button
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