Readers Story: Gedling Hauntings

This story is shared by Oliver Harrold. Oliver lives near Gedling House and Gedling Woods in Nottingham, UK. Gedling is well known for paranormal activity with a lot of documented cases. Gedling has featured in a recent episode of Help! My House is Haunted – ‘Gedling House of Cricket’.  Do …

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Readers Story: Alien Contact

This story is shared by Eric Polson. He had a strange experience one night back in the 1970’s. Can anyone help him to find what actually happened? This is his story: “Sometime in the late 1970’s I was living in Cottage Grove, OR. While living there I would frequently go …

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Readers Story: I actually scared our ghost

This story was shared by Sonya Corder “One day our family came in from a trip. I barged into the back door, we have had sightings but this time I saw a mist turn the corner of the steps and actually heard it scrambling to get up the steps by …

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Readers Story: The Tapping ghost

This story was shared by Kaiden “We live in a poor area where crime is high and I have big islander friends cousins who trained me to fight to protect myself and others meaning I don’t usually get scared by unusual activity. One day I was at home and playing …

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Readers Story: My Daughter

This story was shared by Glenda Mize, what do you think of her experiences? This is her story: “When my daughter was twelve she and two friends played Ouija board. Something kept spelling the name Ottis. She thought they were playing with her. A few moments later she was with …

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Readers Story: Within Me

This story is shared by Eric DeRouen “10 years ago one evening in my apartment I became infused with this energy and then I began to weep uncontrollably. After 5 minutes it wasn’t going away so I retracted my steps to the area in my apartment where I began to …

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Readers Story: No Explanations

This story is shared by Laura from San Marcos, Texas.  Can you explain what she might have witnessed? This is her story: “I get off of work at 9 pm and I live about 10 miles outside of the city and on my way home about 2 weeks ago I …

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