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Strange object flying over Italy

This UFO was captured in Pisa on Italy on December 24, 2019.  The object seems to move erratically and then become static, could it be a drone or kite? You can see more videos from Docu-Mystery on YouTube  

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Ghost of La Llorona caught on camera in Columbia

La Llorona is a famous folklore legend from Latin America of a mother who drowned her two sons in a river before killing herself and becoming cursed. It’s said that she was refused into heaven until she finds her two dead sons. Legend says she wails and abducts children who …

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Prophecy – A short fantasy film

Prophecy is a short supernatural film by Black Rabbit films. It tells a story of a young songwriter who is struggling with mental illness, heroin addiction and discovering that she has supernatural gifts. You can read more about the film a review here  

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Haunted The Truth – Poltergeist

Haunted the Truth as a non profit paranormal investigation team from the UK. For a Halloween special episode they investigated a house which is said to be haunted by a poltergiest. You can read more about the video and a review here You can watch more videos from Haunted the …

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BILL – A short terrifying film

Bill is a self funded short film that was inspired by the ghosts that the two directors sons say they would talk to on the ceiling of their home.. They called the ghost Bill. The film was shot in the director and writers own home, with all their own props …

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