Ghost child caught on camera by leaving it gifts

A mum-of-three claimed she has proof that she is being haunted by a small “ghost child”.

Melanie Parkinson said the the spirit, which she named Amanda, was caught behind a mirror inside her home. She had earlier left out gifts for the ghost, such as a doll, in a bid to make her feel part of family.

The 47-year-old described how she was full of fear when she saw the ghost staring directly at her in the house’s third bedroom. In an image shared online by Melanie, the outline of a figure in the wall-hung mirror can be seen and wearing what looks like a white dress.

Melanie believes that this is proof of her family’s paranormal experiences over the past 16 years inside their home. Amanda would allegedly close the curtains on her own and also take hold of family member’s limbs, reports the Daily Star.

Not long after her partner James Moyse, 44, moved in nine years ago Melanie claimed he felt someone grabbing his feet in bed, which left him “almost in tears”. She now insists that she has “come to accept” the 1930s house is haunted.

One particular night Melanie, from Birtley, Gateshead in Tyne and Wear, set up a trap to catch the “mischievous but friendly” Amanda in action. She turned out the lights in her home and, using the night vision setting on her Samsung phone, claimed to have photographed the ghost in the mirror.

She said: “I felt fear and excitement all at once because it confirmed what I’d been experiencing. My new phone happened to have night vision on it so I just thought I’d have a walk around with the lights off to see what it looks like.

“I just happened to go to the third room and I saw a little girl. I panicked and took a photo then took another straight after. There’s one where she’s looking straight ahead, then one with her head to the side. Her dress and everything she has on looks to be from the 30s.”

Two nights later she dreamt there was a little girl called Amanda in her room who pretended to write her name on bedroom wall. She added: “It doesn’t bother me now. I don’t have any qualms about it. I’ve spoken out loud and told her to go over but she’s welcome to stay as I’m assuming it’s her own home.”

After setting the doll trap, Melanie posted the image she took Facebook without any prompts to see if anyone else saw what she did. She continued: “We bought the doll [because] we wanted to include her in Christmas and make her feel part of the family. It’s just a cheap ragdoll as a gesture.

“We wanted to let her know that we don’t mind her being in the house. She’s a friendly ghost and there’s nothing malicious in her. I know that because she only does mischievous stuff.

“I still try and see if I can catch her again but she’s not appeared yet, but James tells me to stop it in case I find anything else.”

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Source: Mirror



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