The Hunters Anthology Review

The Hunters Anthology is a five episode supernatural mystery/thriller that has recently been launched on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV.

The first episode opens with a mysterious guy dressed like a cowboy walking along the streets of New York in a somewhat Clint Eastwood-esque way.

He makes his way to the subway and onto the train. Suddenly the carriage stops and he and six strangers are trapped inside the carriage. This is when we find out that the mysterious man is named Mac and he is a demon hunter.

Mac the demon hunter insists that one of the six strangers is a demon and he has the ability and the power to sense who the demon is by simply looking into their souls.

What follows are five supernatural backstories, one from each of the strangers. Each backstory starts off seemingly normal but ends up on an eerie twist.

Episode 1: The Fortune Maker
Mac the demon hunter reveals himself to six strangers on the subway as he begins his search for the demon by looking into Tabitha’s past. Convinced her life is in danger, Tabith desperately seeks the help of Madame Renee, a fortune teller who’s never been wrong… 100% guaranteed.

Episode 2: Channel 14
When newlyweds Clint and Madison discover that channel 14 broadcasts a surveillance camera outside their new apartment, they find a creepy creature lurking out there, trying to break inside.

Episode 3: A Visit to the Asylum
Steven visits his grandmother at an insane asylum and gets the shock of his life, forcing him to question his own sanity.

Episode 4: You Can’t Unwish This
Twin students and bullied at school discover an ancient coin that grants them three wishes.

Episode 5: Lust Potion Number Who Cares
Rod falls for his co-worker  and learns of an exclusive magic potion shop that might just carry the love potion he needs.  Back on the subway, tensions rise as the demon is finally revealed.

The five stories/episodes are quite engrossing, each unique and creative. They are a mix of serious and light-hearted, one or two of them might actually make you laugh out loud. The whole series does however keep you guessing as to who you think the demon could be right up until the end.

There is also an end of credits scene in the final episode which may suggest a second series is on the cards.

The series was created on a small budget so don’t expect great CGI or to be up there with a Netflix quality type show.

The acting performances are a bit of mixed bag. Some acting is rather good while some of it is not so good, having said that, I quite enjoyed the whole series. I found myself wanting to watch another episode straight away and wondering which one of the six strangers was the demon.

The Hunters Anthology is available to watch now on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV. I recommend giving it a watch.

*I was invited to watch The Hunter’s Anthology to review. This review is of my own thoughts and opinions.


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