Strange mist and anomalies appear in Halloween parade photograph

A reader has reached out to me to share some strange misty photos that he took to see if anyone can help explain what it could have caused it and if it could well be paranormal?

He also shared them on Reddit under user Rico700.

He was snapping photos at a village Halloween parade in 2019, however instead of seeing revellers in their costumes, all that appeared was a strange mist.

He was attending a Halloween parade in Greenwich Village last year. Everyone one was in Halloween costumes and marching in the parade.

He was photographing a young guy in a Superman costume when something strange happened.

The camera on his phone took on a life of its own. The lens would remain open for a couple of seconds and then it would take several pictures in rapid succession. The lens would also remain open, partially closed, then reopen again and take a photo.

While the camera was malfunctioning he felt a strange uncanny feeling like a distinct chill and a cold wind blowing through him. After the parade the camera on the phone started working fine again, however when he looked at the photos he was shocked.

Instead of seeing the reveller in a Superman costume all that can be seen is a strange smoky mist which seems to form ghostly faces.

You can find the image rotated to see different views here

He said “Undergraduate & professional degrees here, about as logical as they come. But I’m at a loss to explain this”

You can read the Reddit post here 

What do you think?  Is there an explanation or was it paranormal?


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