BILL – A terrifying short film

If you have 3 minutes to spare and want a bit of scare then check out this short film – BILL.

BILL tells the story of a grieving widow who employs the dark arts to see her husband once more.

The film is a DIY self funded short film which was inspired by the ghost that the directors two young sons say that they would talk to on the ceiling. They call the ghost Bill.

The film was shot in the director and writers own home, with all their own props and all in one day.

The film premiered with Film Shortage last Monday who called it ‘A simple, yet incredibly terrifying little premise’ and Flip Screen commented that it ‘…will haunt viewers longer then most big budget Hollywood horrors’. Realm of Horror also reviewed it as‘…reminiscent of a Tales from the Crypt story’

Giving that fact that BILL was self funded with a £200 budget and all shot in a day, all within 8 hours, I would have to agree with the comments and reviews from the premiere, this short film is quite brilliant.

You can watch BILL below or on vimeo



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