A body waves hand from inside the coffin as its being buried at a funeral

This story has been getting a lot of global attention today.

Most funerals are sad events where a family member or friend is remembered and put to rest. They are often uneventful, and that was the case with a recent one in Indonesia… until someone watched a video from the ceremony.

It took place at a cemetery in the city of Manado, where a group met to bury a loved one in a white coffin with a glass panel. While no one noticed it at the funeral, as the coffin was being lowered and the priest was reading a prayer, through the glass panel, the body inside can be seen moving, and it seems to wave goodbye.

Stranger still, according to The Sun, it occurred as the priest uttered, “God has said in the Book of John, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, he will live even though he is dead.”

While the video has many people fearing that the person was buried alive, experts at the Central Queensland University in Australia debunked that possibility, explaining that what caused the movement was actually just rigor mortis. Apparently, in the later stages of decomposition the body stiffens and sometimes, that can cause it to move.

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Source: 570WSYR


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