Getting Your Paranormal Fix During Quarantine With Netflix

This quarantine’s been rough on everyone, especially people who crave the paranormal. I, for one, enjoy exploring “haunted” places in my state with friends, but this quarantine has sort of ruined our plans for the next few months.

You may be in the same boat! I understand your frustrations if that’s the case, but don’t worry—Netflix has our back. With hundreds of paranormal-themed content ranging from movies to documentaries, it’ll be difficult to run out of content.

5 Ways to Better Your Netflix Experience

That said, you should think about improving your Netflix experience. Sure, by itself, Netflix is a decent experience, but it could be so much better. With these 5 tricks, you’ll be able to immensely improve your Netflix experience and paranormal viewing.

The Netflix Party Plug-In

What’s better than watching Netflix with your friends? Not much, which is why I want to tell you about “Netflix Party”, an add-on that allows you and your friends to watch Netflix together while separated.

“Netflix Party” adds chat support so you and your friends can talk to each other and synchronized playback so no one gets left behind during the viewing. I’ve already used it quite a bit since the pandemic started, and let me tell you—it works. It works well.


But sometimes, your problems with Netflix go far beyond not being able to sit down with friends. Sometimes, you can’t even access the content you want to watch! One reason for this is geo-blocking, the practice of restricting access to content based off the user’s geographical location.

No one likes geo-blocking, I know that. That’s why I’m referring you to a virtual private network (VPN).

If you download a VPN to overcome geo-blocking, you can access another country’s content with a virtual connection to its servers. For example, you may need it to watch “Ghost Chasers”.

What’s On Netflix

Once you watch everything in your catalog, what else is there to do? Finding new content can be hard, but not with “What’s On Netflix”, the Netflix roulette of streaming.

“What’s On Netflix” gives you the ability to search Netflix’s ever-growing catalog by putting in specific details about the type of content you’re interested in. For example, tell the service you’re interested in R-rated paranormal content, and it will deliver faster than you can process.

You may not need it all that often, but it’s nice to have, nonetheless.

Watching Netflix at Specific Times

One neat trick to ensure you get the best quality Netflix offers is to watch Netflix at specific times throughout the day (or night). Personally, I watch any paranormal-type of content at night only, which is one of the best times to watch Netflix, due to everyone being asleep.

To ensure the best quality Netflix has to offer, watch it either early in the morning or extremely late at night. Less people clogging up bandwidth = more bandwidth for you to stream.

Netflix Enhancement Suite

Finally, we have what many consider the crowning jewel of third-party Netflix plugins: the “Netflix Enhancement Suite”.

The Netflix Enhancement Suite adds some very much needed features to the platform, including easy-to-view Rotten Tomatoes scores, IMDB scores, and more. While I wouldn’t say it’s necessary for your Netflix viewing, it is nice to have.

Netflix’s way of scoring movies—the five-star system—just doesn’t work that well, and having third-party ratings helps inform you of whether or not the movie is considered good or not. Then again, some of the best movies I’ve ever watched are considered “bad” by the majority of people.


The world’s going through a bit of a rough patch right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Netflix offers hundreds of hours of fun, especially when we can watch it with friends. With these little “hacks”, you can get your paranormal fix while spending time with friends. What’s not to like?


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