Readers Story: Gedling Hauntings

This story is shared by Oliver Harrold. Oliver lives near Gedling House and Gedling Woods in Nottingham, UK.

Gedling is well known for paranormal activity with a lot of documented cases. Gedling has featured in a recent episode of Help! My House is Haunted – ‘Gedling House of Cricket’.  Do you live in the area and also experienced the paranormal?

This is Oliver’s story: 

“Only recently I have been getting into paranormal phenomena’s from YouTube videos and the TV show Help! My house is haunted. Since then all unexplained things that happened before, have now made me come to the conclusion that my area and where I live including my house extremely haunted.

I was walking home late one night around 11:30 pm with a friend as we went to the shops to get some sweets etc. My house is on a road called Military road which is right by Gedling woods and leads up to Gedling house.

When we was walking down the road to get to my house, me and my friend heard a scream coming from the direction of the woods which back then I thought may have been an owl or someone messing around trying to scare us but we found out that everyone who could have possibly scared us were inside of my house, but we never thought anything of it, as I was younger.

Then me and my friend when we heard the scream almost instantly started running and it was if I wasn’t controlling myself because I have never ran that fast in my life and even if I made myself stop I wouldn’t have done because it felt like someone was controlling me.

Recently after looking into my area and reading stories about Gedling and Gedling woods I have found out that the screams we heard have also been reported by other people and that it may have been coming from the blind lady that has been reported seen walking her dog in the woods with a stick and also been seen around and in Gedling house.

Also we have a dog (cockapoo) called Amber and sometimes me and my parents will be sat in our living room watching TV and even watching Help! My house is haunted, and randomly she would start barking out towards the front of our house as we have a window that you can look through when you are in our living room.

So me or my Dad will sit up and look through that window and see nothing there which is odd as Amber would be barking at something. Also we have security lights so if there was anything out there the lights would have turned on but never did.

What was also strange was we was watching the episode where the team from Help! My house is haunted went to a house in Gedling and as soon as they were dong an EVP outside of the house and started talking to the miners Amber instantly stood up and started baring at nothing again..

Another thing that happens quite often is that above my room there is a attic and sometimes at night I can hear some faint footsteps as if someone is up there but the only way to get up there is by a ladder so that means no one could have been up there.

Also nearly everyday I will be sat on my bed whether it be during the day or at night and in the corner of my eye I will see shadows go from my door towards one of my bedroom windows and when I look up nothing is there. I will see these shadows three or four times some days and other times i’ll never see them.

There is a lot of history to my area and my house. My house was made In the 1700’s proven by an engraving on the side of the house and my parents told me it was used as a stable proven by the name ‘The old stables’ which is the name of my house.

Also one thing my parents were told when they bought the house was that there is a Viking long ship buried in our garden. Maybe there might be spirits of Vikings in our house from the Vikings?.. As Gedling is known for mining then maybe there may be some spirits of miners in our house or in our garden.”

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