Readers Story: The Tapping ghost

This story was shared by Kaiden

“We live in a poor area where crime is high and I have big islander friends cousins who trained me to fight to protect myself and others meaning I don’t usually get scared by unusual activity.

One day I was at home and playing music on my speaker and I heard a tapping noise. I thought it was the song but it was the same tapping when it ended. I turned of the music and it was from downstairs where my grandma lives.

I just thought, “Ok all good just my grandma”. It kept going for a few hours then stopped. It wasn’t annoying so I didn’t ask her to stop.

Then a taxi pulled outta driveway and my grandma got out. I asked if she had a cleaner and she said no. It was weird but I got over it.

The exact same thing happened 2 days later, but it was banging noises. I went downstairs that time but nothing was there, the banging stopped. I was confused.

That night it was windy so I closed my window so my blinds would stop banging. It was then for 10 minutes, the blinds got a massive gust of wind and slammed back. Then it didn’t happen again.

The window and door wasn’t open so again I was confused. Next few days the tapping downstairs was back. Then for a day it stopped.

Then it started upstairs where my family is. I don’t see my mum and dad much so I didn’t tell them.

The day it started upstairs I was in my room sitting on my bed then I felt very obvious feeling of a finger poking my head. It happened 3 times and I looked up and around my room and again nothing.

The door was closed so it couldn’t of been my brother reaching in and doing it. Even though my bed faces the door.”

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