Readers Story: My Daughter

This story was shared by Glenda Mize, what do you think of her experiences?

This is her story:

“When my daughter was twelve she and two friends played Ouija board.

Something kept spelling the name Ottis. She thought they were playing with her. A few moments later she was with two other friends playing with the board.

The same thing! It spelled the name Ottis.

It said it was coming to get my daughter. Scared my daughter to death!

A few moments later she started hearing voices, thinking things were in her room. Moved into my room!

When she finally told me what was going on my alarm clock came on.

When I was telling someone what she told me, a few days later my microwave came on. I had to unplug it to get it to go off.

Well she grew up and while in Savannah, Georgia, she kept seeing shadows in her living room.

Advance to now, she’s in her 40’s. The house she bought 6 yrs ago, she sees shadows in bathroom while showering, footsteps in kitchen and has heard voices.

Now my great granddaughter lives there with her. She has heard someone call her name. She thought it was her mom calling her but her mom heard it too.

My grand kids which are grown up have heard things too. No-one will stay in the extra bedroom, as its in a restroom off from the main part of the house.

What do you think?”

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